"We have gone from a Ppk of 0.8 to 1.4 thanks to the Ellistat APC module".

"I had already worked with this major manufacturer on SPC consultancy assignments", recalls Davy Pillet, CEO of Ellistat. In 2017, I suggested that they test Ellistat's APC module to help them set up their machine tools. They were among the first watchmaking customers to put their trust in us and to test our solution, and it was with them that we improved it so that it met the needs of watchmaking manufacturers in the field. "This is one of Ellistat's strong points that should not be overlooked: the responsiveness of the development teams to requests for improvements to the software is really appreciated," adds the Quality Methods Manager. At the time, the main problem encountered by the company was the cost of rejects. In the watchmaking industry, the parts are complex and therefore difficult to adjust, and the materials used make the costs even higher. The Ppk was 0.8 before the Ellistat APC module was installed on their part. The progress manager told us: "We have gone to a Ppk of 1.4, which corresponds to a scrap rate divided by 90%. The gains were measured as soon as the solution was implemented in our workshop, and we didn't have to wait to see the return on investment. Today, 100% machines are equipped with Automated Process Control. The implementation of APC has met management's expectations by reducing scrap and the costs involved, but also the expectations of the workshop's operators and adjusters, as they say: "We don't have to bother with calculating machine settings any more, the Ellistat APC module does the calculations for us, which frees up our time to devote to running the workshop, and there are plenty of things to do.
Progress Initiative Director for a major watch manufacturer
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