Reduce your controls

Accept or reject a supplier/production batch in accordance with ISO standards

Reduce your controls

Connect your measuring equipment directly to Ellistat and benefit from real-time updates of your production controls. Calculate your quality indicators, adjust your processes and be automatically warned of a process drift.

Our IQC (Incoming Quality Control) module is designed to validate production batches from incoming inspection to final inspection.

1 interview
In person or by telephone to understand your needs.
4 hours of training
To use the IQC module independently.
1 month test
Free to try Ellistat IQC directly on your equipment.
Your gains
Time reduction
Reducing the number
You may be sitting on a gold mine.

Adaptable to any type of control range, real-time capability analysis, connection to measurement equipment, data export. We've thought of everything to make your life easier.

Reducing your costs by implementing a statistical process monitoring solution has never been easier with Ellistat.
Your benefits
Easy to install and use
A web-based solution that's easy to deploy across your business. There's no limit on the number of users, and the software is ultra-simple and intuitive to use.
Secure data hosting thanks to a local solution on your company's servers. No external communication is required.
Ultra simple
We work for hours to save you a few seconds. Ergonomic and intuitive, you don't need to be an expert to use and configure Ellistat.
Ellistat adapts to the configuration of each company. Our solution works with all types of process.
User guide
Our interactive user guide will teach you all the tips and tricks you need to set up Ellistat and make it your own.
1 month free trial
Test Ellistat free of charge for one month directly on your equipment.
Your feedback

We've been using Ellistat every day for 2 years. The tool has enabled us to reduce our set-up times significantly and improve the quality of our parts. Machine set-up is easier and it's simple to use.

Mathieu NEFF Process Quality Manager, EUROCAST

Ellistat is a production tool that perfectly meets the expectations of Industry 4.0. Automated Process Control makes it easy to control the numerical controls, while guaranteeing a very high level of quality.

Ludovic POURCHET Quality Methods Manager, CARTIER HORLOGERIE

The ergonomics and ease of use of the "Control by sampling" module enabled us to implement the solution in our "Quality" department in just a few months. Thanks to Ellistat IQC, we have made a significant leap forward. We have gone from operating entirely on paper to the solution proposed by Davy and his team. We now have a computerised history of our controls. The data exported by our measuring equipment is directly integrated into our inspection protocols, which are automatically adapted - in terms of severity - according to the history of our measurements.

Guillaume PERRILLAT-MONET Project Engineer, LTM SA
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