The Challenge
Success in the aeronautical industry is based on a perfect control of the production process.

The major challenges are to produce high added-value parts while ensuring maximum traceability and meeting specific customer requirements.

Companies operating in this sector must also be able to easily follow the development of customers' product ranges, while guaranteeing the reproducibility of their production processes.
The aerospace and defence sector is subject to the international EN 91000 standard, based on ISO 9100. This certification establishes criteria for guaranteeing a quality and safety management system in the design, production and maintenance of aerospace products.

Thanks to Ellistat's softwareYou will be able to meet many of the requirements of the ISO 9100 standard:

Real-time production monitoring

View all your production data on a single page. Create your control charts automatically by connecting your workshop measuring instruments.


Parts range, parts tree, operator actions, drifts

Manufacture of high-value-added parts

The challenge in such production is to limit rejects. Automatically control your production processes.

Automated settings

Help with setting up parts using machine learning algorithms.

Real-time production quality control

Automatic calculation of quality indicators (cp, cpk, pp, ppk, etc.), alerts in the event of deviations and help in detecting root causes.

Communication in the workshop

Display key information about your workshop.

Lot validation

Progressive measurement control minimises sampling size while guaranteeing the same control efficiency as a standardised plan.


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