The Challenge
Competitiveness remains the priority both for the automotive sector and for all its subcontractors. Companies in this industry must be able to produce mechanical parts to very precise tolerancesThey are able to manage large production volumes and guarantee the reproducibility of their processes. What's more, they have to comply with a number of standards, including theIATF 16949, ISO 9001 and MSA.
ISO 9001 is an international quality management system standard that defines the requirements for establishing, implementing and improving a quality management system within an organisation. The same applies to the IATF 16949 standard, which is specific to the automotive sector. Finally, the MSA (Measurement System Analysis) standard concerns the assessment and assurance of the reliability of measurement systems used in manufacturing processes.

Thanks to Ellistat's softwareYou will be able to meet many of the requirements of the ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and MSA standards:

Real-time production monitoring

View all your production data on a single page. Create your control charts automatically by connecting your workshop measuring instruments.

Controlling drift

Create alerts in the event of deviations, automatically calculate correctors to refocus parts.

Analysis of quality indicators

Calculation of quality indicators (cp, cpk, pp, ppk...), root cause detection.

Detecting non-conformities

Progressive measurement control minimises sampling size while guaranteeing the same control efficiency as a standardised plan.

Automated settings

Machine learning algorithms to help set up parts

Communication in the workshop

Display key information about your workshop.
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