Master your processes

Monitor your processes using statistical standards: control chart, capability, etc.

Master your processes

Connect your measuring equipment directly to Ellistat and benefit from real-time updates of your production controls so you can calculate your quality indicators, adjust your processes and be warned automatically of a process drift.

Our SPC (Statistical Process Control) module is designed to monitor your manufacturing processes in real time.

1 interview

to understand your needs.

4 hours of training

to be completely autonomous using the SPC module.

1 month test

Free to try Ellistat SPC directly on your equipment.

Your gains


Reduction of
reject rate


Reduction of
control time



How does it work?
Adaptable to any type of control range, real-time capability analysis, connection to measurement equipment, data export. We've thought of everything to make your life easier.
Your benefits

Easy to install and use

A web-based solution that's easy to deploy and update within the company. No limit on the number of computers.


Secure data hosting thanks to a local solution on your company's servers. No external communication is required.

Ultra simple

We work for hours to save you a few seconds. Ergonomic and intuitive, you don't need to be an expert to use and configure Ellistat.


Ellistat adapts to the configuration of each company. Our solution works with all types of process.

User guide

Our interactive user guide will teach you all the tips and tricks you need to set up Ellistat and make it your own.

1 month test

Free to try Ellistat SPC directly on your equipment.
Your feedback

During the first quarter of 2021, we deployed the Ellistat SPC tool on all our production lines (8 stations) and in the quality control laboratory (4 stations). We already had long experience of using SPC software. The Ellistat application is more user-friendly and easier to use than our old tool, especially for the parameterisation part (creation of sites, workshops, machines and parts (we have a lot of references to manage and the duplication was a great help)). The Ellistat team helped us in this implementation phase thanks to their accessibility, competence and responsiveness (as well as their friendliness). Even though Davy sometimes 'pulled his hair out', developments and improvements to meet our own needs were quickly implemented and others are planned with the Ellistat team.

Fabrice LARIVE & Corinne SAVIGNE Head of Quality, Development and Quality Control Intermarché

Equipping our workshops with Automated Process Control via Ellistat has radically changed the way we set up and control our machines. We have been able to develop a new culture of variability control that is more dynamic and efficient, with tangible results in terms of quality and productivity. Production staff are working much more comfortably, and we can easily envisage greater complexity - the possibilities are enormous!

Alexis VULLIEZ 4.0 Projects Manager, KARTESIS

Ellistat is a production tool that perfectly meets the expectations of Industry 4.0. Automated Process Control makes it easy to control the numerical controls, while guaranteeing a very high level of quality.

Ludovic POURCHET Quality Methods Manager, CARTIER HORLOGERIE
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