Automate your machine tools

Instantly correct your machine tools and reduce set-up times and scrap rates.

APC (Automated Process Control) automates settings

Whatever the complexity of the part, whether turning, milling or combined, Ellistat's APC module enables automatic setting of each machine tool. The set-up process is automated from a 3D file of the part, and works on any type of machining centre.

APC involves controlling production resources using automated adjustment algorithms.

1 interview

In person or by telephone to understand your needs.

2 days training

To use the APC module independently.

1 month test

Free to try Ellistat APC directly on your equipment.

Servo-control of machine tools
becomes reality

Your gains

Rate reduction
Setting time
Save €20k /
machine / year
How does it work?

Two ongoing theses and ten years of development have enabled us to build the best algorithms for automatically calculating the correctors to apply to the machine. And it works - see for yourself!

Your benefits

Easy to install and use

A web-based solution that's easy to deploy across your business. There's no limit on the number of users, and the software is ultra-simple and intuitive to use.
Installing Ellistat APC is profitable in less than a year. Our customers earn an average of €20K per year per machine equipped.
Secure data hosting thanks to a local solution on your company's servers. No external communication is required.
Ellistat APC adapts to the configuration of each company. Our solution works with all types of production machinery.
The various options available in the software allow you to adapt Ellistat APC to your usual operation and to configure it according to your needs.
1 month free trial
Test Ellistat APC free of charge for a month directly on your production equipment. Train your teams in 2 days on the principles of APC.
Your feedback

The implementation of Ellistat APC in our factory has enabled us to move towards Industry 4.0 and to make a smooth change towards a better organisation of our production workshop. The APC module is very ergonomic and easy to use, which enabled us to deploy the solution quickly. Today, six months after deploying the software in our workshops, we are seeing a reduction in production rejects and a reduction in the costs incurred by machine adjustments. For the first parts processed with Ellistat, we have gone from a Ppk < 1 to a Ppk ≈ 1.4 and it is now possible to set up our machines in 1 part. The software has convinced all the people working with the APC, according to them: "Despite the fact that Ellistat has changed the way we set up and control our machines, it's nice to no longer have the stress of making a mistake when calculating offsets, whether when setting up or when changing tools. What's more, we can really see the improvements in quality and comfort in the field.

Guillaume PERRILLAT-MONET Project engineer, LTM SA

Equipping our workshops with Automated Process Control via Ellistat has radically changed the way we set up and control our machines. We have been able to develop a new culture of variability control that is more dynamic and efficient, with tangible results in terms of quality and productivity. Production staff are working much more comfortably, and we can easily envisage greater complexity - the possibilities are enormous!

Alexis VULLIEZ 4.0 Projects Manager, KARTESIS

Ellistat is a production tool that perfectly meets the expectations of Industry 4.0. Automated Process Control makes it easy to control the numerical controls, while guaranteeing a very high level of quality.

Ludovic POURCHET Quality Methods Manager, CARTIER HORLOGERIE
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