The Challenge
Manufacturing in the luxury sector, in particular in watches and jewelleryThis requires extremely high precision with strict tolerances.

The aesthetic appearance of the parts (visual inspection) is also of crucial importance. Top-of-the-range products are often made by hand, but they can also be produced industrially.

Exceptional quality and the use of rare materials combined with meticulous assembly techniques make for exceptional products.

In the case of small and medium-sized production runs, frequent adjustments are necessary and must be made in advance. controlled in the production process.

Thanks to Ellistat's softwareYou'll be able to meet a wide range of requirements:

Real-time production monitoring

View all your production data on a single page. Create your control charts automatically by connecting your workshop measuring instruments.

Detecting non-conformities

Measurement control and attribute control to monitor batch acceptance.

Frequent settings

Machine learning algorithms to help set up parts

Communication in the workshop

Display key information about your workshop.
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