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Ask for a demo of the Ellistat APC, SPC, IQC, Data Analysis modules or our E-Learning courses.

Ask for a demo of the Ellistat APC, SPC, IQC, Data Analysis modules or our E-Learning courses.

Ellistat, based in Poisy, is a company specialising in the creation of quality tools for all stages of the production process. Their aim is to improve companies' know-how and control their processes, thereby aiming for operational excellence. Ellistat offers various solutions to increase productivity, including automated process control (APC) modules. Statistical Process Control (SPC). Integrated Quality Management System (IQC), and Industrial Statistical Analysis (SI). In addition, they offer online training covering areas such as quality, Lean and Six Sigma.

The company stands out for its commitment to developing a more responsible and sustainable industry. By considerably reducing industrial waste. Ellistat places great emphasis on innovation, with 20 % of its turnover invested annually in research and development. They work in collaboration with France's leading mechanical engineering laboratories to stay ahead of the competition.

 Its registered office is at 425 Route d'Annecy in Poisy.

Ellistat has had a positive impact on various sectors, including bar turning, watchmaking, automotive and medical. By significantly improving key indicators such as defect rates and fitting times.

For more information about Ellistat and its services, please visit their website.

When you request a demonstration, a sales representative will contact you and ask you some questions. This enables them to tailor their proposal as closely as possible. We also offer Six Sigma and Lean training courses. These courses lead to certification.

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