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Our success

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Equipping our workshops with Ellistat APC has radically changed the way we operate our machines. We have been able to develop a new culture of variability control that is more dynamic and efficient, with tangible results in terms of quality and productivity. Production staff are working more comfortably, and we can easily envisage greater complexity - the possibilities are enormous.


4.0 Projects Manager


We've been using Ellistat APC every day since 2019. The tool has enabled us to reduce our set-up times significantly and improve the quality of our parts. Machine tool set-up is easier, and it's simple to use.

Mathieu NEFF

Process Quality Manager

Joseph Martin

Machine downtime has been reduced, OEE has improved and there has been a clear reduction in scrap: our scrap rate has fallen from 4% to 1.5%. The implementation of Ellistat APC has been of great benefit to us.


Manager of the multispindle lathes

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