Ellistat : the quality software suite for the mechanical engineering industry

Enter Industry 4.0 with our innovative quality suite

The innovative quality software suite to digitise your production workshops and automate your quality controls

Ellistat, the plug & play quality software suite created by quality experts
dedicated to optimisation and return on investment

Automated Process Control

What if your machine tools could set themselves? Dedicated to the machining market, this module enables you to automate the process of setting up your machine tools, so that you can achieve quality compliance right from the first machined part.

Statistical Process Control

View all your production data simply and instantly. Track the statistical progress of your processes using control charts and control your production in real time.

Incoming Quality Control

Automate and reduce your checks. Thanks to its dynamisation and progressive inspection functions, it is now possible to halve the number of inspections carried out for the same incoming quality. Full compliance with ISO 2859 (sampling plans for inspection by attributes) and ISO 3951 (sampling plans for inspection by variables).

Data Analysis

Statistics in 1 click. Use the power of statistics to find out what's behind your production data from the SPC, APC or IQC modules. Its machine learning algorithms can be used to understand the origin of a machine's drift or to statistically differentiate between suppliers.


Give your staff the skills they need. Developed by Maurice Pillet, one of the leading names in production quality, our Lean and Six Sigma training courses are recognised as being accessible to anyone.

Simplicity of use and implementation

Ellistat, a unique "full web" platform for centralising and securing all your production data in real time. No need for complex configurations or heavy maintenance, you can access our tools from a simple browser. Another advantage of this web architecture is the fluidity of navigation for users and the speed of response of the platform.

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Davy Pillet : " We're proud of what we've achieved, and of being able to offer manufacturers a complete software suite for quality in production. Ellistat is the most powerful solution on the market, with full Web technology applied to all modules, making it extremely simple, user-friendly and superbly ergonomic to use. "


Take advantage of our R&D and enter industry 4.0

Since 2017, Ellistat has been developing innovative software solutions for all stages of your production. From incoming inspection to machine tool automation and finally the statistical analysis of your data, enter Industry 4.0 with our quality software suite!

Our passion for technology drives us to achieve the impossible. We work with France's leading mechanical engineering laboratories, constantly striving for excellence. This has led to major innovations such as Automated Process Control (APC) for automated correction of machine tools, multi-model optimisation (Data Analysis), progressive control and characteristic dynamisation (IQC), a multilingual E-Learning platform in Lean and Six Sigma and many other unique functions that make up our quality suite.

+ More than 500 million pieces of data analysed

+ More than 200 companies transformed.

They've innovated, what about you?

Our customers

Many companies rely on us for quality control and achieve significant results over the long term.

Discover our case studies


Medical / Watchmaking

APC has enabled us to produce the right quality. For some parts, we have gone from 6 checks to just 3 a day.

Bien Air


Bien-Air Surgery optimises its control efficiency with Ellistat's CES software solution

LISI Melisey website


Automotive / Aerospace / Medical

95% reduction in scrap rate, 75% reduction in machine tool set-up time

Joseph Martin

Automotive / General mechanical engineering

Reject rate reduced from 4 % to 1.5 %, inspection times spaced out from 20 minutes to one hour


Defence / Aerospace / Automotive

We have always believed in the importance of innovation to remain competitive. Ellistat's APC gives us the tools we need to guarantee the highest quality products to our customers.


Automotive / General mechanical engineering

Kartesis Industries, a 4.0 production strategy with Ellistat's APC solution for automatic machine tool control.

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