ELLISTAT 2024 Price Adjustments

Updated on October 31, 2023

By: Davy Pillet

Since 2017, Ellistat has been seeking, developing, and deploying software solutions to enhance the quality of your parts, processes, and projects.

The trust you place in us has allowed Ellistat to grow, structure itself, and invest to offer you the future of the industry with differentiating quality tools, dedicated to your operational excellence.

R&D and Updating New Features: a Priority

Over the years, Ellistat has continuously invested in the research and development team to envision the features of tomorrow.

Thus, the high pace of updates has led to:

  • An increasing ease of tool adoption.
  • An increase in use cases for more extensive software utilization.
  • A growing potential for client gain over the months and years.

What impact does it have for you?

By improving the productivity of the production tool and/or users, these successive developments increase the return on investment of ELLISTAT solutions.

Sustainability before immediate profit:

Ellistat continues to invest in R&D to ensure the update, evolution, and sustainability of the proposed solutions.

Generalized Inflation

Since 2021, a global trend has disrupted our daily lives: inflation. With an annual rate reaching record levels, inflation has a significant impact on all sectors of activity.

Thanks to cost management, we have not had to update our prices. The principle of accumulation now requires us to take into account and pass on the effects of this inflation phenomenon. This price increase will affect newly subscribed services as well as existing services.

Regarding existing services, however, we will proceed with a controlled increase in our rates.

The Best Price-Performance Ratio

The promise of a market-leading price/performance ratio is a point on which we do not wish to make any concessions to allow the greatest number:

  • to access new technologies.
  • to be able to maintain the use of ELLISTAT solutions.
  • to deploy these tools within your organizations where they prove to be relevant.

This new inflationary context does not change our long-standing goals: to better serve you and offer you total freedom in the advanced use of our solutions by bringing even more innovations.