Delivery Check

Dynamize your controls to reduce the number of measurements

The delivery check is the operation that decides on the validity of a batch of parts purchased from a supplier. The operation of control from external or internal suppliers is of extreme importance in the company's production cycle. Depending on the decision to validate or reject the batch, the workshop can find itself in a just-in-time situation or increase the level of non-quality if the accepted parts did not comply with the specifications.

This Ellisetting module allows the acceptance or rejection of a batch of parts according to the expected quality level in a very simple way. Define the batch acceptance criteria upstream (sampling plan, type of inspection to be carried out, etc.) and build the list of suppliers. Based on the history of the inspections carried out on the batch, Ellisetting will determine whether the inspections should be reduced or, on the contrary, increased, which is called dynamization.

Advantage of the module


better monitoring

of supplier quality

Full traceability

of all lots

Control optimization

thanks to the dynamism

Progressive control

to minimize the number of parts to be measured

Management by characteristic type

Automated Process Control computer
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